Handheld Stopwatches

There are so many different hand held stopwatches on the market today, it`s hard to know which one to choose. We`ve made that task easy for you by finding the best products out there.

Seiko Premium Stopwatch (92030)

Price: $190.00
92030 Seiko Premium Stopwatch
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The handsome and full featured Seiko stopwatch is the top of the line for anyone who needs the most accurate timing information. It measures up to 10 hours in 1/100 increments, stores and recalls up to 300 split/lap times, measures strokes per minute, has three row display, and there are many other features. Its solid construction and good design feel true in a hand. This is the one.

The Parents Choice Stopwatch (92015)

Price: $24.95
92015 The Parents Choice Stopwatch
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SportCounts Parents choice stopwatch is a hand held stopwatch with a large two line display. This stopwatch can record up to 30 cumulative splits, measures up to 10 hours, has time of day, calendar, and alarm. It\'s easy to use and you scroll through times forwards and backwards.  It also has a Electro-luminescent backlight for the large display, and is water resistant. Comes with a three-year warranty and lanyard.

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