90005 SportCount Bike Timer
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SportCount Bike Timer
(Red BT 90005)

SportCount Velo-X is designed to work on a bicycle, dirt bike, or motorcycle. Velo-X includes an extended band which allows it to securely attach to any set of handlebars while cushioning the electronics from bumps and vibration. Just one button to push for each lap means you record lap times easily without having to look down or take your eyes off the road.


  • Adjustable, extended strap so it can be used on bike handlebars with no tools required.
  • During your workout it provides instant feedback on lap number, split time, and total elapsed time.
  • After your workout, the performance summary displays total laps completed, total elapsed time, fastest, slowest, and average lap times, and up to 200 individual lap times.
  • Use the Pause Feature anytime during your workout without throwing off timing statistics.
  • Waterproof, lightweight, and durable – comes with a full year warranty.
Price: $44.95
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SportCount products are regularly praised by professional athletes, Olympic champions, and regular people who exercise when they can. They have been featured on the Today Show, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Swim Magazine, Runner's World, Health Magazine, Popular Science, and many other media outlets.

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